Monday, April 4, 2011

Green Thumb

Despite the strong winds, yesterday's weather was beautiful! I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and plant some more herbs. I've already been growing basil, mint and a little bit of oregano. I planted the basil and oregano last spring, from seeds. The basil has been doing quite well but the oregano kind of failed.

I wanted to plant more herbs to use in cooking. I bought some already-started herbs at my local garden center. They are called Bonnie plants and come in biodegradable shells so you can just plop them down in the soil. Very simple! I purchased some more oregano (since the scant amount I have currently isn't nearly enough to use culinarily), rosemary (I tried to start some rosemary from seeds last year but they didn't take), thyme and Italian flat-leaf parsley. I'm really excited to start using my new herbs and it's always fun to watch them grow. I highly suggest growing your own herbs. It's convenient, cost-effective and enjoyable.

Below is a picture of my little herb garden, which is currently by the sliding glass door in our kitchen. I brought them inside for the winter and still have them inside currently because Missouri weather is crazy and I don't want them to die! They seem to be doing quite well by the window, though. (There's also a Greek myrtle and the beginnings of an amaryllis there, neither of which are edible. They just want to join in on the sunlight.)

From left to right: My crazy wild mint and scant oregano, basil, rosemary, Greek myrtle, amaryllis, thyme, flat-leaf parsley and oregano.

A close-up of the basil and rosemary.

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