Monday, March 7, 2011

Trial and Error

Today I tried out some of my new purchases from Di Olivas, on a salad. I made a vinaigrette using the cranberry-pear balsamic and the blood orange EVOO. It wasn't as awesome as I was hoping it to be, but I need to tweak the ingredients a bit more. I was going with what I already had on hand: an overripe pear, pine nuts, baby greens and feta cheese. I thought that the feta and greens worked well. Arugula and/or goat cheese would probably be nice, too. The pear I used was too sweet that it didn't work so well with the vinaigrette. There needed to be more acidity in the salad. Maybe some citrus fruit next time, or dried cranberries. Finally, a different nut than pine nuts. I love pine nuts normally, but the flavor just didn't work this time. Maybe almonds or possibly even macadamia nuts next time...

At any rate, a work in progress. Tomorrow: spinach salad with strawberry-basil balsamic vinaigrette! I'm also toying with the idea of strawberry balsamic-roasted chicken breasts sometime in the future.

Overall, today didn't have anything life-altering in store, but it's just a Monday. I can do better tomorrow. :)

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